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I love them, and see them sometimes when I walk the bike trail at Walton Lake

Love your posts!!


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Ii just witnessed the jelly feeder with hungry orioles in Oregon, outside of Portland. Didn't know

that the grape jelly was only good for a while! These birds thrilled me with their colors and

markings. Nearby were mud? nests against a concrete wall, high up. Cheers, Cece Miles Riddell

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Interesting to know orchard orioles to not do not come as often to jelly feeders. There are years when I have seen them at our jelly feeder...not this year, but perhaps I did not happen to look at the right time. I do not spend that much time watching the feeders. I did see the rose-breasted grossbeak male back at the feeder after being absent for a while...?

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Love the recording!

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Thanks Diane!! We just put our grape jelly feeder away since we had not seen any lately...guess it is time to put it back out!! The cherries were ripe a couple of weeks ago and thankfully there was a great mulberry crop in Iowa this year, so I got lots of tart cherries!! I am still pitting them. Cherry pie is soooo yummy. I will put my jelly feeder back out, so we can enjoy the orioles again!

The orchard orioles were around, tho I did not see any at the jelly feeder. Do they feed on the grape jelly as much as the Baltimore orioles do?

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we saw a family pair too at the jelly feeder....so thrilling! great picture.


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